A 30-30 bullet

Here is the bullet I made in blender and rendered in cycles:

wow, how did you do the modeling?

Thank you! I modeled this bullet from a reference image

Cool! Looks kinda like the one i made… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance you were following this tutorial just a bit?

Just wondering

Awesomeness! Love the lighting! :smiley:

No I wasnt. I made this bullet all on my own.

It’s funny how some people seem to think that every tutorial by Andrew has some super influence over everybody and if he’s made a tutorial about something everyone probably copied him. Andrew learned from someone else and he implements it to teach others that’s how it works for most people. Besides it really doesn’t take a genius to model a bullet. No offense intended towards OP.

Also even if he followed the tutorial who cares as long as he learned something.

Anywho, it’s a nice bullet but maybe you could have worked on a scene or something where the bullet has a place or purpose. It might be a bit simple for a finished project perhaps.

thats NOT a 30-30 bullet…

it looks more like a FN 5.7x28 , the ammo for a Five-Seven pistol.

30-30 case is longer, and the case is also rimmed.(the back part by the primer)