A 3D version of Scumm Bar - Monkey Island

I started working on this when Return to Monkey Island was announced and envisioned it as a welcome back party for Guybrush.


Great job! You deserve a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.

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This post deserves more attention! Anything Monkey Island related needs all the love it can get!


thank you Renzatic! feels good to meet another Monkey Island fan :blush:

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You’d probably get more likes if you had a few more aesthetically framed close ups to show off the environment a little better. You’ve got lots of nice little details in there, but the camera is too far away for anyone to appreciate them.

I totally agree! I actually have a lot more angles rendered, but being a new user the website only allowed me to upload a single image. If you want you can check out the details on my Artstation, you can search for me under parinamais

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