A 3DS Max model to blender help


I have a model of people which I found on the internet.

I was wondering if you could help me get it to open in blender?

Below is what has happened,

Here it is in 3DS Max


I then exported it as an obj file. I seem to get this mesh in blender after exporting.

But then when I render I get this

Can any one help me please?

Regards, Glenn

I’ll see what I can do, would you mind posting a .blend?


Thank you for the offer. Hope I am uploading the right thing.



harry not working.blend (918 KB)

Your blend renders as expected. There were no textures packed in the blend though.


It renders fine for me, but I don’t think you packaged the textures along with it. If you don’t know how to do that, “file-> external data -> pack into blend file”

edit- Yeah, what Richard said.

Oh sorry didn’t know you had to do that.

I think I have done it now.

Had to upload elsewhere due to size.


My posts do not seem to appear after I press submit :-S

Try again:

I have now done what you told me to do to include external date.

Above is the file uploaded off site due to larger size.

Thanks, Glenn.

My posts do not seem to appear after I press submit :-S

I guess since I added a link to the file. I can find no post on what is moderated and how it works. Due to this I have multiple posted due to me thinking it was my laptop.
Sorry for this.