A Bear

Hey all, this is my first character to be done from scratch in Blender since ditching 3dsmax a year and a half ago, still WIP. I also made a stupid little animation with it by just moving the hip bone:



LOL That dance was awesome! :smiley:

Good job on the fur. I’ve been toying with the idea of attempting a realistic siberian husky but the fur has intimidated me so far. Nice to see someone working so well with the particle system.

Thanks! Im still not quite satisfied with the fur, face could use some tweaks and some better lighting (right now its using only a single spotlight with default settings). If you need tips when working on the fur, let me know.

Looks great, this guy has some personality, while you might not be satisfied with the fur, it is pretty nice already imo.

Hello again, i’ve done some of improvements on the body shape, lighting and fur. Comments/critique welcome!

I’m liking the fur! Not too sure about the nails though. They really bug me. It’s obviously not meant to be anatomically accurate (hands and feet instead of paws throughout) so I might be able to bear with it.

Get it? BEAR with it?


We get it :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah i could’ve made a real one, but that’s not what the original sculptris model was like. Is it the nail shape itself or is it because they’re too solid-white? They barely have a texture at all.

I forgot to update this thread… here’s a more recent image, ive been working on the rig some more.