A beat-em up roller game needs YOUR 3D hand!

Hi, everyone! I’m a programmer from a small indie team, and i’m here to ask for help of talented or/and experienced Blender artists.
We’re doing a beat’em up game with elements of skating, and biggest issue we’ve come over so far is a lack of 3D artist. This is indie game - interest is not in money, but in trying and making, in learning how’s it all done, and, what’s more importantly, using a chance to break into big industry.
Who knows, right?
Blender was always by community - for community software, so I strongly believe that there are people willing to help, and as i not only code, but also level design, i can be useful to those who will agree to join our team.
So, thanks again, and have a nice day everyone! :eyebrowlift:

P.S This is one of few examples of what we have, an early level render and character sketch by our artist.

This isnt the correct place to launch a game project. I have requested your thread to be moved to ‘team projects’ section so that people looking/willing to join a game project could see this and you can get a better response. Best of luck with your project :slight_smile:

thanks a lot, seems like blender community is even friendlier than i though :smiley:

Hey your character concept & models are nice! I look forward to see more progress :slight_smile:

thanks, we appreciate that :smiley:

Nice models, but i think the guy has waaaay too many piercings… :confused:

we got hot chicks sketches too :slight_smile: less pierce, more boobs :smiley: how does that sound?