A bike based on the Ducati Diavel

I planned to post this in the focused critique when the modeling was done.
But progress has been slow, so I have decided to post now in the hope it will motivate me to be more consistent.

This is not supposed to be accurate to the production model, and will be somewhere between that and this. Plus I’m not using blueprints and may change things at will, so this is more of a 3d sketch.

Here is a cycles render. (I was going for a clay render look, but didn’t spend much time on it, so don’t critique anything other than modeling for now)


Beautiful detail!
The brake calliper looks at bit flimsy though…

Thanks jake. The caliper has enough detail. It just needs something more than a 30 second lighting setup to show it.

Some of the rear stuff is now done. Now begins the real hard work of sketching a concept to set a design direction, without which I cannot model the rest.

Again, materials are real quick and not up for scrutiny. (Actually, everything is glossy)