a bike (update: with glider attached)

I started making a bike for the last character I made. It still needs the details but the basics are there.

that’s cool :slight_smile:

lovely :slight_smile: good modeling.
try experimenting with the blue material, and maybe you could use the tire material for the saddle and grips?
also try using solid black or white as a background color, looks more neat.

keep it up.

the detail work didn’t take that long. I could do more but this is fine for what I want. I’ll probly tweak the materials some more then start adding in the hang glider bits.

that’s awesome :smiley:
good modeling, good materials, good lighting.

brakes never brake on the tire though. :wink:

Two things bother me on this. One, there’s no headset (the parts that hold the bearings the fork rides in). You could just do a collar-type thing like you did for the seat quickrelease and that would help. Two, rigid forks do not generally have straight legs. There’s usually a slight bend, the “rake”, that puts the front wheel a bit forward of where it would be with straight fork legs. Suspension forks have straight legs, but they are angled a bit to give the rake. The rake on my bike’s fork is exaggerated a bit, but is useful to illustrate:

Otherwise, cool bike.

You some kind of bike expert klaatuteela ? :slight_smile:

so I’ve added the wing part. I went with the duct tape and pvc pipes the fabric will look like a sheet or table cloth once I get it textured.

Um, not an expert, but I’ve had lots of experience with bicycles. I built that recumbent in my photo, one of 7 I’ve built, I ran a bike ministry for a while, rehabbing discarded bikes for disadvantaged kids, and I’ve just generally messed with bikes for over 20 years. So I know a thing or two.

jhultgre, nice add on the headset, and I dig the wing. Cool.