A Blender breakfast

a piece which started out with corn…… the rest …well, came out from somewhere…so is history!
blender 2.71
cycles 1000 samples
compositor post pro
critics welcome
tweaked version:

original version:

clay render

Most of the stuff looks great, even photorealistic. But there are a few things that stand out and take away from the piece - the biggest problem in my opinion is the texture on the buns with sesame seeds (like the one below the corn at the middle). It seems so low-res and somehow weirdly shaded that it looks like it doesn’t belong to the scene at all. Also the wood texture on the cutting board and knife holder seem perhaps a bit too large? And I suppose that’s butter that’s on top of the leftmost corn - it looks more like vaseline (the color and translucency are off).

I’m really liking the texture on the black pan / pot on the left. You should be proud of this work, it’s technically impressive with a few flaws.

Very good food-shot. Certainly plausible for its type. The modeling and lighting is certainly good enough to make me suspend disbelief that it’s actually CG.

Speaking of it, then, strictly as a tabletop product-shot, I would warm-up the light colors and reduce the light intensities.

The lighting of the clay model, especially with regards to the background, is quite different and considerably more dramatic. (It also shows that there is visual detail back there that was “completely blown-out.” The lighting, really, ought to be coming mostly from the front without a strong competing light from the rear.

For instance, the clay model suggests that there is, say, a French door back there, and a patio beyond (behind suitably diffuse glass or somesuch). “Gee, that’s more interesting!” Now, you have the suggestion of a complete environment … a nice big one-story house with this great big kitchen … and you’ve got an opportunity to inject some different color schemes, all without drawing away from the picture. In fact, it will very-considerably strengthen the presentation.

One more thing: “uh, uh, the utensils must be clean.” No baked-on food in the bottom of that saucepan. This is The Almighty Product™ that we’re talking about. The advertiser’s products must be shown in the best possible light.

And the butter on that piece of bread in the foreground? Not really persuasive, and does it really need to be there? Likewise, items of food are usually never allowed to be directly on the countertop, so I would put them on something, say a wood block … which would also lift them above the slight visual confusion caused by that skillet-handle (which could initially be confused for something sitting directly on the countertop as the pieces of chicken do).

This is a shot of food being presented, not being eaten.

Meanwhile, and unless you intend to tweak it some more, “To The Gallery with thee!” :yes:

hiya sundial, did some tweaking and such, toned down the “cleanliness” of the saucepan though.
This may be a interpreted as a product shoot of some sort, it may be, but initial intentions werent but aimed towards a mere hopeful venture to imitate “grunge” reality…so to speak, oh well plus to improve on skills and all, after all clean aint real looking in 3d… :P… so says some

but hey, love your comments. They do mean a lot.

Hey Irratium, did some changes as per your suggestions…took out the bun in the center and ate it… LOL, thanks mate! cheers

here are the tweaked versions:

hope y’all like it!

I deeply appreciate your criticisms and suggestions!
thanks and have happy blender meal!


Sundial had some good points, and the tweaked scene looks better. But I still stick to my original point, and say that the bun should be re-worked. While everything else looks realistic, the bun still looks… out of place. The texture is stretched, low-resolution and it shades in a weird way. It looks like something from a game engine, whereas all the other elements are clearly more photorealistic.

Have you considered sculpting it or perhaps doing the seeds with a particle system?

oopsieeee… had that freaking bun on my mind and failed to do something about it… lol yes i’m considering doing the sesame seeds with a particle system as well as re-sculpt the bun… thanks mate, means a hell lot to me