a blender "full" tutorial?!

I was wondering if there’s a “full” tutorial avaiable somewhere, like the old “creature factory” one that covers quite everything meanwhile it is doing something “big” like a full scene composed by several parts, modeling, lightning, animating, compositing…

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Blender Cookie is a good place to head over to - Their tutorials are brilliant, and they do some series of tutorials covering everything from modelling, lighting, rendering etc - you just need to find out which one you want to do.

I think there was a book out for 2.48 which had everything for creating your own short animation, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called

Animating with Blender : How to Create short animations from Start to Finish:

just be aware, it might not support some things you do with Blender 2.6 now.

It’s (imo) better to learn each subject separately before watching tutorials with a complete workflow from placing that first vertex in modelling to doing CC in comp… :slight_smile:

my problem is that i can do modeling (im not excellent but at least i’ve done it since the 90s), i can rig and i can do kinda basic animations… my main problem is that i don’t have any experience in doing full scenes, link them… working from the beginning to the end… I miss those stuff, and the only one tutorial i saw in blender doing a somewhat complete production was the creature factory one :slight_smile:

I agree, I would love to see how a production workflow in Blender works. I know most of the individual parts of Blender well, but there isn’t much info out there about linking scenes, handling cameras, etc.

Try this. http://www.blendernation.com/2010/06/15/review-blender-studio-projects/
In fact it’s available at the blender.org e-shop, so you can support blender as you go.

nice! added on my list (even if afaik it’s for 2.49, anyways i need theorical stuff more than pratical!)
are there other resources? thanks

Suggest you investigate as many aspects of animated film-making as you have the stomach for. Public library is a good place
to start. Since animated movies are predicated on RT motion pictures, lots of techniques, methods, attitudes are shared.
You want theory? Production? History? Examples? The sky’s the limit. That is, of course, if you can read English.

I would recommend these YouTube channels:


cgboorman is my favorite, he stays with the novice introductory style but he still teaches you concepts that will go a very long way.

BlenderDiplom does good special projects, but does have some novice stuff here and there.

AndrewPPrice does full on models from start to finish, including everything. He’s a bit fast though and the novice stuff is kind of lacking.