A Blender Open Movie Project - What are you interested in?

I am interesting in taking this poll. I have been around here a while. And so I have thought about this a Lot. I have also participated in heated discussions in the past. I know this is a hot subject. But over the years I have put more and more thought into this.

One of the things that occurred to me is what could I offer anyone? And one of the things I think is valuable is information and educational. I have a lot of experience with this stuff and I have trained a lot of artists already in Blender and general techniques.

So just out of curiosity I want to know what people think of this subject in general.

This is not a bid for any particular project exactly. But I do have one or two that could qualify as having been developed far enough to move forward in this capacity.

I have seen these things completely fall apart before.

Mainly I see people don’t know what they are doing and they have not taken the time to find out what people want to get out of it.

So what do you guys think?

I have heard and probably said it all… lol

So nothing will surprise me.

well, nothing would interest me in an open movie

I hate the movie industry itself for it’s fans that sneer at anything CG
Animation does not interest me, at all
Live action is hard
VFX isn’t blenders strong suit.
I think someopen movies are horrible (Sorry…) story wise

an open game…

Now that, I’d be interested in

Love it! Strong controversial opening.

So if you were to vote on an open game?

An Open Game would be great. Open Movies are… boring, in my opinion. An Open game for BF and the Blender Community would be particularly awesome.

Cool, though I am not going to make a game, the vote is appreciated and also helps. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I want to see a production length film, done in real time(viewport), with a companion game made with the same (new)render. PBR and nice speed (maybe forward+ rendering ?)

some nice ue4 level realtime graphics in pre production could mean rendering the thing in 1 hour, and the movie being 1 hour long.

indie studios need raw speed and realism at a balance.

We don’t have mega rendering farms, and 950$ gpu

[maybe get adafruit to sponsor?]
stretch goal = (open source 3d printed force feedback exoskeleton) for precision mocap and true realtime scene interaction with non physical avatars and environments.

Yeah I have thought of that a couple of times. Cool idea. I have also played around a bit with Unreal rendering.

And have a tutorial on the cameras: