A Blender project to animate an entire audiobook

I’m new here!

My wife and I have been running a podcast for over a year now, a serialised audiobook of her novel ‘The Trouble with Transformation’. We decided not long into it that we wanted to have a animated version on YouTube to get more traction with the story. So I started looking into animation methods, with no knowledge other than having worked as a photographer for a decade, I started playing with After Effects and pretty much by chance discovered Blender via tutorials on YouTube, this was back in April. Since then I’ve learned as much as I could learn and spent many…many hours on this project to build scenes, characters…pre production work. Owing to the nature of the episode frequency, and sometimes 10 minute+ episodes everything is being done with Eevee in a very simplistic ‘cartoony’ way. We released our teaser trailer yesterday on YouTube and although still very flawed in terms of technical and artistic presentation I thought I’d share it here. Episodes will be weekly from here on in I hope and I’ll be learning and improving as I go hopefully:


Dude that is a solid first animation, awesome job. Especially the car, that was cleannn. :ok_hand: The selfy camera shake, while being a cool idea, actually came out a little dizzying imo, it might be easier and more appealing to have a smooth camera shot or maybe just tone down the shakyness. Just my two cents. Seriously though nice work man.

Thanks so much for your comments Ethan, really appreciate you having a watch and the encouragement. I entirely agree with you about the camera shake, it was a nasty day trying to get it right and in future episodes where that section will be in the credits I’m going with a steady cam for sure, I had it set up perfectly in the blend file where I did the walk and talk animation of the character with limit rotation constraints and a ‘Child of’ constraint for the camera to the hand bone with about .65 influence but when I dropped the character into my bloated town scene’s blend file it all went a bit wrong, lack of experience and knowledge probably but in the end I just gave up…should have done as you suggested! The car is was great fun! I love it too. Thanks man!

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