A book a day... or so

I got the idea by looking at my bookshelves one night, misreading a title and that got me thinking… And then it spread so now this is a severe “works in progress” thing. I am placing book titles as the ideas come to me. Farbror Bernt, swedish for Uncle Bernt is not my idea but rather a book cover that a guy showed me as we discussed titles for the shelf. The dark sow is a Swedish mythical creature.
The shelf below this contains a couple of heavy leather bound books, this is the pocket section.

Light is just one point. For bouncing it I made a roomy box with white ceiling and walls and a wooden floor. Then I almost accidentily placed a chair and a flower pot in it. As I said, work in progress. Can you relate to this?


A couple of months later. I had this tab open in my computer but have really not spent any time with it.
There has been occasional adds to the scene whenever I felt like it. I now realize I am filling the room as would I a summer house. Used furniture that don’t fit together. So wear and tear must be added.
A couple of bleak attemps to use geometry nodes have been incorporated, the bowl of powder of the fireplace is one, it’s bad enough not to earn a closeup :slight_smile:

The fire is parametric. Two planes in angle so to spread the light evenly inside the fireplace.
What else… Silly book titles keep adding from time to time.
I guess this room will never leave the WIP stage and I feel rather good about it.