A breakdancing turtle

I am working with a group of artists here at the university I am attending to create a music video using blender.

one of the charicters for this project is a breakdancing turtle (and yes his seeming lack of mobility is part of the idea)

so I’m looking for some feed back on the model and will later be asking questions on rigging.


Looking good, CornDog.

Can’t wait to see the final result.

hat is a good turtle. keep it up, this could be hilarious…

Very nice. I suppose he will be spinning on his shell quite a bit during his break dancing.

Yeah Corndog nice model how did you make it I would like to know. Oh and keep up the good work.:smiley: :smiley:

NOt to hurt your feelings but your turtle appears to have one tooth hangin out there is that what you want?

one tooth? what are you talking about? expound.
and thankyou all for the comments, if you can see anything that looks weird or needs to be fixed I would be most greatfull if you would point it out. this is, after all, my first “organic” model.

Its a really good model! And yeah, i dont get the tooth thing either…

Company2 said:

your turtle appears to have one tooth hangin out there is that what you want?

That’s not a tooth, it’s the Object Center dot.

corndog: Great work so far

CD38:Thats wut he meant!?
company2:ppffftHA! Yeah, gotta hate that the anoyying object center tooth(of doom). lol, i had no idea wut you were talking about…
ha peace
PS(just a joke company, dont get offended)

haha! Im gonna watch this very closely as I do bboying (the correct term for breakdancing) myself:D You know, there’s actually a move could ‘turtles’ so you should make him do that!

Heres a vid of someone doing turtles:

I can do 'm much faster but this gives a good view on the motion

some other moves you might wanna use:
windmills - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4x4eYfWbSs
flares - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqcg-Hqv9Dw
combo (in order of appearance: airflares - flares - airflare windmills - halos)

The turtles is looking very good! The shell would indeed be good for doing backspins!:slight_smile:

whoawhoa! a Breakdancer? lets see some moves man! :wink:

LOL haha, I dont have any vids up anywhere now tbh. Sorry:o And its called a ‘B-Boy’. breakdancer and breakdancing are names given by the media, but they’re not correct.

Sorry, Bboy. You totally have to teach me :wink:
oh, sorry, im hijacking your thread here corndog, forgive please.
peace yo

Yeah I thought that was a tooth sorry abouth that but it is still a good job. I can’t wait to see the actual animation.

lol, wutever :wink: