a bug or just me

Now I don’t know if it is me or blender. I am having a hard time getting a cube extruded.

Ok I start with a clean blinder window add a cube. Next click W subdivide one time. Click E then Region. Here is were it tries to move on the Z and X at the same time and it trying to duplicate the cube and not Extrude it. Can someone gave it a try and let me know if it is me or blender. If it is me could you tell me how I may get around this as I need more vertices on the first cube.

Thanks to all that help

I think that you choosing region is why it is duplicating.

ok, from your post it seems you want to extrude individual faces separately?
in that case, select the option “individual faces” after hitting extrude.
now, by default, the extrude operation invokes grab on the extruded vertices.

I think you want to scale them? if so, right click to cancel the grab, and hit s to scale.

let me know if I have misinterpreted your question

WOW!!! Thanks for the help. I was trying to rush blinder by tell it to extrude the all of the cube and not just the faces that needed to be extruded. I hate beening a newbie

Here is some great stuff to watch:

after a few hours of watching , you will no longer be a Newbie :smiley:

You don’t have to right click you can just press the s-key, I do it this way all the time to speed things up.