A bug with border rendering?

If I shift+b and area and press render animation. The first render will be according the marked border but the others won’t. Is that a bug or what?

I get the same result as you. Tried it in 2.46 and 2.45, both are the same.

Can’t report the bug. Internal 500 problems. I’ll do that tomorrow.

DichotomyMatt: Thanks for checking it out.

It’s a bug. Got fixed a couple of days ago.

Can I even write this on the bug report site? They say not to put in features. I see this as a bug cause it troublesome and the border rendering doesn’t work.

I would call it a bug. I checked the Wiki and Blender.org searches. No where can I find in the documentation that Border is for stills only. If there is a reason Border cannot work with animations, then the Border button should at least be disabled when you press Anim or give you a warning.

Good news. Next version of blender will fix this problem. :smiley: