a cannon.....

I’ve always wanted to make a cannon:D,not just any cannon though:no:, maybe a naval cannon:yes:…anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far.
Of course it’s nowhere near finished…:frowning:
Please C&C!!!


nothing really to comment on… looks like 5 mins of rough sketch… post more progress and then maybe you get some crits

Eh, took about an hour of trial and error (didn’t know about the “K” key, but I do now) I actually thought I had done something!:spin:

You need to have more detail before we can critique it.

very nice. I wish I knew how to make cubes and cylinders.

Wow. That was just mean. We were all noobs once you know.

Anyway, make some more progress and then we’ll tell you how it’s shaping up.

yea seriously, can you please not give such hard comments to people as its really unneeded to be so mean to some one.

I personally think its the effort that was put in the work not the amount of skill that should count, and plus as said above we all started out this way.

Venge: very nice. I wish I knew how to run people to the ground in one sentence.

Ouch, that kinda hurt, well anyway I’m still trying to work on modeling it’s one of the things I simply suck at so thanks for once again confirming that!:o
Now that’s done.
Well at the moment I’'m working on the steel plates, however I would like to find a tutorial that’ll let me get that look without having to make a bunch of copies of my mesh. Of course that last thing I’ll add is the bolts that join the plates together. Well that’s the plan. Lets hope everything turns out that way.

Hey, I need some help here, I’m pretty sure most of you have done something with steel plates, I’d like to know the best way to do that.
I’ve made improvements to the barrel and I’m considering scrapping the body for a new one…The issue right now though is the plates, I need the plates.

I suppose it depends on the type of plates you want. If you could find a reference picture off of google or something like that, we’d probably be able to help you a bit more. :slight_smile:

Or if it’s modern you don’t need them, today most plating on ships is welded (including the plating on the guns). If you’re gong for plating best to do it using textures probably

SO i don’t need em? Great!
Well that’s a load off, I’ll post my WIP shortly.


it looks pretty good, you have the form (shape) down pretty well, if you want to add plates, you could just add planes and add extra edges ctrl+r, then shape them to the side/ front profile of the turret and once youve done that you could extrude them out so there 3D.

are you planning on doing a ship with this, or maybe put it ontop of a bunker :slight_smile:

Is it just me or do I see some form of shading error near the top of the barrel :confused:

See this topic for tutorials: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=823447#post823447

nice way to advertise, don’t ya think?

umm well you need to do a little more work than that

work in progress…yet there is still no progress?

venge: if is work in progress, i to drink a poison. Novice problems…