A car

Hey !
This is my new car, ( my second modeling car ) :

An environnement will arrive, the coil are cylinder :smiley: (this will change)

Critics and comments please :slight_smile:

Hop ! a new version :

Coils aren’t finish, but you can see the start of the rim :smiley:

C&C please :slight_smile:

Boxy… like a Volvo…

“boxy” cars are cool
hydrolics :stuck_out_tongue:

I have modelised my car without model.
I’ve not say that the environnement isn’t the definitly :slight_smile:

forgot to say :expressionless:
pull the top of the windshield back a bit imo
modle the inside of the lights and make transapernt up to you how much

The tire :

looks like a supped up Scoda arghhhhhh, :slight_smile:
it’s got charactor would be a nice prop for a goofy charactor, hmmm driver.

So, thanks to all to comment my work :slight_smile:
I’m enough of this creation (yes, i know it’s no good), so this is the finally image :smiley: (45 minutes of render )
http://vincerkibug.free.fr/voiture2-4.jpeg (retouched with the gimp)

For the person who want the untouched image, it’s here http://vincerkibug.free.fr/voiture2-3.png

Ps: yes , the fog isn’t good :slight_smile: