A Carbon Fiber Car Wheel. [More like Chrome]

I’ve been working on this over the last few days (Yes I do take a while) and have gotten it to a stage where I think I can show it to you.


Some of it needs work. Particularly the Carbon Fiber material and the rubber (Needs a bump map or two). OSA is at 16

It’s completely modeled as a mesh so I think the poly count is quite high. (Though I can’t be sure as I don’t know how to find out). There are various levels of sub-surf and edge weighting (which I think is what is causing some of the flat edges on the wheel).

The tread mesh is parented and curved around a nurb circle. It was quite tricky getting it all lined up. If anyones fiqured out a better way of doing this then please let me know.

C + C please.

Sorry, I know it’s bad to reply to oneself but…

How do I do this UV mapping? I’ve gotten as far as creating the map, enlarging and resizing various bits, and pinning the vertices. So now I come to saving my UV map out. But for the life of me I cannot find the “Save UV Map” button. According to the tut, it’s supposed to be under the UV’s menu… but it’s not.

I’m just a weeny bit stuck. :-?



Changed the material from carbon fibre to chrome and added a bump map to the wheel. It is now an official BFGoodrich g-Force sport like the one it’s modeled after.


If you want a bigger view I can supply. The bump map isn’t so obvious on a small image with jpeg atifacts.

Lot’s of views but no comments :frowning: . I intend to make it a real as I can so any help would be apprieciated. Particularly on how to make super-real rubber. :wink:

something about the chrome is not quite right…it looks a little bit cartoony. I think the outside of the rim needs to be subdivided or something, I can see the edges of the mesh… I like the rubber so far…maybe less spec and hardness? I don’t know. I guess you’ll just have to experiment a little. :slight_smile:


Man chrome is tricky stuff.


  • A better view. :slight_smile:

Still needing some help on that rubber. It doesn’t look quite photo real enough.


render isn’t light enough, add more lights so we can see it better, also a wireframe.

Looking good

Ok, heres a brighter one


and a wire


I’'ve started linking them cause the files are getting bigger and I don’t want to offend the 56k’ers.

Something I have come across is the fact that the tire is not exactly a circle. It’s parented as a curve to a bezier circle. Are bezier circles, circles?

Still no happy with the rubber. Any suggestions?

make greyerererrrtertrettreghjyghjb.kn/jhgdvfs

sorry to be annoying but the renders are too hard to crit. I can barely see the weel because its not lit well enough and the wire is useless.

Get some good angles and some good lighting and the crits will start flowing.

I’ve added a HDRI style background. It makes the Chrome look a lot better. If you want it out for a better look let us know.


Better Wire

Does this help?