A cartoon girl

Hello everyone,
This is my fist WIP on this forum, I blend since few years as a hobby.
I try to create a 3d cartoon character rigged, skinned and with particle hair.

I created a concept art and a model sheet using MyPaint and Photoshop:

I started by the head, here is the current result:

Any feedback is welcome,
thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like you’re on to a good start! Can’t wait to see more updates! :smiley:

Very good concept and modelisation is well started :wink:

I can’t wait too, a quite cute character to me, and nicely modeled so far.

And welcome to this Forum, Shadosk!


Nice character design. Can see a good level of experience already.

Thank you for the feed back!
I worked on the body, here is a quick render with wireframe.

I am now working on a 3 layers sss shader for the skin, I plan to stay with the old blender internal render engine for the moment.

A render result of a three layers sss skin shader.

I started from the example provided by Ben Simonds in blend swap.
In a first time I planned to only do a diffuse map however the result color was pretty uniform. I created then a quick subdermal and epidermal texture to gain some contrast.

I plan to work on hair now.

Nice work so far!
but somehow the nose looks a bit like a pig nose with this shader

Looks good. I just don’t get what’s goin’ on topology-wise right above her butt? That seems very weired…
Maybe Blackcat is right about her nose either… then again it seems to be a matter of those stylised (imho somewhat over the top) child-like looks of her. In that sense it may just be what you tried to achive. In any case, it defeniteley matches the style of the conceptart.

greetings, Kologe

Really cool concept and nice modeling.

Thanks for your comments,
concerning the nose I will make it more round and work on the silhouette.
The weird topology above her butt is a face extrusion used to shade dimples of venus.


I finally got some time to work on this model, here is a wireframe of the current version.

The hairs are temporary, I currently test the particle hair.

I wonder how to make the folds and creases on clothes, I think to sculpt them directly in Blender using multi-res modifier but I wonder if it can be then deformable by cage or classic bones and if it’s stable.



cute model :slight_smile:

You make it so easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I really love her skin! Waiting for some more wips/renders!

I like it. Looks cute.

As usual i only visit this to see if i can steal some knowledge :smiley:

Lovely work!

It’s always surprising for me to see, that such extreme scheme of childlike characteristics actually does work.
Just considering the head without hair, eyebrows and all, it looks plainly wrong to me, just too much like a 3-month-old infant, this huuuge forehead, no chin at all, that snub nose, eyes like platers … but when completed, it just works, and looks cute. :slight_smile:

Looks great! I wish I could model half as good as you can.

very nice work here,enjoyed the 2d drawing too.