A cartoon portrait - (Redoing some old work)

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to improve my skills and after seeing the great work of Pedro Conti, I decided to take an old project and try to bring it to the same level of quality, or at least as close as I can.

Please take into account that this is still a WIP, and there’s still LOTS of work to be done in order do have an acceptable result :slight_smile:

So, here’s the older render, I got bored and decided to not work on it anymore

I rebuild the base mesh and took it to zbrush to sculpt some high frequency details and created a bump map, here are some tests without any hair (and low samples) to see how that bump looked with diferent lighting scenarios:

And this is how it is right now:

Next I’ll create shapekeys to test some expressions and further refine the shaders and textures.
What do you think so far? I need your help and advice on how to make it look better.

Thank’s! :slight_smile:

Here’s one more render. I’m still trying to get a good looking hair.

And these are earlier tests:

this is looking very good! the new version looks light-years better than the old one IMO. much more believable.

You may want to increase the gloss on the skin just a tad… to help sell the toony style. also a bit more SSS might look good. maybe. overall very good stuff.

I like both version, but the new is much better looking.

The little hairs/fibers on the fabric of the shirt are neat, but I think you might have too many of them.

Where the hair comes out of the head looks a little odd to me, but I’m not sure how/why. It could just be me.

@Guss and @jastreich thank you guys, I’ll look at your suggestions and try to reply with a hopefully better render next time :slight_smile: