A Cave with Mist...

So I’m pretty much a “n00b” to Blender… I started off with a default cube. No idea what to do with it, I guess. I deleted on wall by the camera, I suppose to make a room. I scaled it up and subdivided it about 5 cuts. Actually I played around with it and somehow ended up dividing the “bottom” of the cube more than everything else, but I accidentally clicked a menu option that seemed to randomly “spike” the vertices as seen below.

I guess I decided then it might look cool as a simple, oddly-square-shaped cave…

This is original from Yafray, pre-processing. My final, for this render, anyway:

Compare to some real photos…
http://sdmb.org/images/pic_peppersauce_inside_cave.jpg (some random ones found on Google Images)

So uh, suggestions? I know it’s far from picture-perfect. I’d also like to know what that option menu I clicked was. I can’t seem to find it.

I appreciate any input :wink:

I think you may have found the ‘subdivide fractal’ button or the ‘fractal’ button. Subdivide fractal can be obtained from hitting ‘w’ key, or by clicking the ‘fractal’ button located in the buttons window. You could also try adding a displacement map to a texture to get similar results.

It looks like you hit the proportional edit mode and had it set to random falloff.

Ah, thanks! Found it again :slight_smile:

So um, any suggestions for improving the scene? I know there has to be some… I’m willing to learn.

Try a subsurf modifier to get rid of the obvious edges