A Challenge For Us Blender Artists.......

I found This on SPUF.
The people on that forum are constantly saying the game would make a horrible movie. This disproves it in my opinion.
Where’s the challenge? Well my challenge is this:

Do you think we as a band of Blenderheads can make something as good if not better than this?

Hell YEAH! :smiley: well i couldnt personally but I’m sure that there people or a group of people who could with ease :slight_smile:

The game would make an absolutely horrible movie.
The aperture science setting and myth around it and black mesa however would be a great base for a movie.

And no - not as collaborative webproject. Stuff like that has to be a on-site gig with a fixed team.
And personally I know I can do better than the CG in the video, the life action´s quite good though. But who´s got a years sparetime leftover to do something like that especially when it´s most likely not going to pay?


It was a thought.
I meant as people who want to see if they can’t take blender further. Not as mercenaries (though getting paid would be nice. Unfortunately though I don’t have the money to pay you in any of my projects youre involves in.)