A child's dream

I did this image to the contest of UNHIDE Conference 2019.

In this contest, I really challenged myself beyond my humble limits. I did not know anything about Blender, I had never carved a cartoon, I do not have a GPU, and my CPU is not good enough (which stopped me from putting particles in the scene :().

In addition, I only had 10 days to deliver a piece that besides being aesthetically beautiful, also need to tell an incredible story that relates my life to what the UNHIDE conference 2019 event represents to me.

When I was a kid I used to watch Disney movies. However, in that time, movies used to take almost an eternity to get released. So, I started to build my own stories, which in time became sharper and more complex. The UNHIDE event represents the chance to finally bring all the stories, characters and places that have passed through my mind, into reality.

As Walt Disney did with Mickey, who marked my childhood with the film Fantasia 2000, a work of art, which I wanted to reference in this art. Where my childhood version begins to give life to his imagination, with the spheres of knowledge given by the masters of the past and the present, and with his incredible Wacom pen (YES! Is a Wacom pen on his hand) is about to give life to your imagination.

Finally, in this project I used the blender to do digital sculpture, retopology, UV, riging, texturing, stage construction, hair, lighting and rendering (Cycles), in the end I used photoshop to make small post production adjustments.

Thank you for your attention, and for reading so far. Have an amazing day!

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/evandrom

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