A-class surface modeling

Is there a way to have T-spline functionality or subd- splines in blender ?
I would want to do a class surfacing in blender.

not yet
let’s hope it comes in soon

happy bl

Don’t even try to do that. Use products made for this like Alias, ICEM Surf or Rhino instead. For concepting or visualisation Blender is good enough.

If you just want to do SubD modeling Blender works fine and you can also export the model as .obj and convert to surfaces in T-splines in Fusion 360 and maybe in Rhino 7 WIP as well, I’m not sure. I’ll have to try…

You can also look at the addon curves to mesh for a surface style modeling approach, but I would not recommend to use the models for tool making or production.

You mean you can convert blender mesh to Tspline in fusion360 ?
That would be awesome, but then again, how do i define the interpolation, cause tsplines dont have the same subd flow as blender subd. I know silly question.
Oh my, t splines are so cool.

T-Splines is pretty limited in the number of quad faces it can work with, typically 50,000, although in some cases you might be able to work with more.

I have not used it in a couple years, so maybe the limit has increased.