A collection of models from weekday challenges 1 and 2

I did these this week and last week for the weekday challenge, and normally I wouldn’t post those models here, but I think some of them turned out quite nicely. So I thought I’d post them, since most people don’t visit the contests thread…

These are all rendered in yafray, but not because my loyalty to blender internal has been diminished; only because I’ve just started experimenting with other renderers and their possibilities. Quite interesting actually, to see the same model rendered differently.:slight_smile:


An antique coffee grinder:

The textures here are all procedural, and I was happy with the way that turned out. IMO it was unexpectedly good… usually I would have to bake them and do some work in PS. [note: not bragging, just making note]

Toaster oven:

This was my first HDRI render with yafray, so it’s not quite as fine-tuned:rolleyes:.

I’ll probably add another one if I have time to finish it this week…