A couple of 2.8 Grease Pencil questions

Hi everyone!
Just a couple of quick ones I couldn’t find answers to:
. What is the cleanest way to share a Grease Pencil Brush (with Materials) between Blender files? I’ve tried multiple ways (Append Material, Brush, Collection…) but I just don’t quite get the same result from one scene to the next… Plus I usually end up with multiple same materials…
. There used to be a way (E press) to Sculpt while in drawing mode. This doesn’t work (at least on my rig) any longer. Have they changed the Hotkey? I searched for it but couldn’t find it.
Thanks for any pointers!


About appending brushes, the cleanest way is to append them all at once. This way if they all use same material, only one is created.
2.8 needs to be completed to allow to append a brush without a material.
In 2.79, there is no material but just colors. So, that’s part of workflow that still needs to be completed.

Currently, you are forced to clean a little bit your .blend file after several append by re-assigning one unique material to brushes and then, purge duplicated materials.

About E to sculpt. Grease Pencil is an object, now. So, it has modes.
An Object mode, a Draw mode, an Edit mode, a Sculpt mode and even a Weight Paint mode.
So, you have to switch to Sculpt mode by using Ctrl Tab pie-menu or mode switch in header of 3DView.
If you want, you can dedicate shortcuts to Sculpt mode and Draw mode.

Those are great answers thanks so much for taking the time :slight_smile: