a couple of camera and modelling questions


Here are some simple questions:

  • I want to switch to a camera and then orbit, pan and move around. Everytime I switch to a camera and middle click the view switches to the perspective view. Is there a way to lock it to the camera so what i end up looking at is my camera. I know about ctrl, alt numpad 0 but this extra work if i have to do it everytime.

  • Is there a key to repeat last command?

  • Is there any good camera switcher script? I want one that creates a camera that switches to all the cameras in my scene and allows me to add keyframes and edit them to edit where my camera cuts will be.

  • When using bevel i can switch the mode but i dont know how to adjust the divisions before applying it. Something like you have in modo.

also, is there a faster way to switch from vertices, edges and faces than control tab,1,2,3?

These are 3 keys that i have to press. Maybe one would be faster.

i am still struggling with this. any tips?

For moving the camera, Shift+F can be useful. It turns on the camera flyby mode, so you can cahnge your view while moving the camera at the same time.

i know but i am coming fro maya so i am used to that. I guess many other maya users would benefit from having a similar behaviour.

it feels strange to me that you move around in perspective view in one way and when you are inside a camera in another way.