A couple of cool 3d-on-the-web sites that I found

This one is on making 3d in the browser:

And this one is CAD in the browser:

This is another one:


Not spam,btw.

Check this out as well:


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No, if you do that, it doesn’t pull the “description”.

We don’t control that. What you’re referring to is the onebox, which requires the webpage being linked to have OpenGraph and oEmbed meta HTML tags set up. The site in question does not

In fact, you guys (reading this thread), check out this guy’s Youtube, where he’s got everything:


Donno what that is, bro - what IS that??? Is that a W3C open standard or what??

Just wanna post :wink: …by simply adding this URLs… as text…



this happens…

because they added the graphical info… so that this software here can add them…

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