a couple of python questions...

(CrimsonX84) #1

Hi fellow Blenderheads!
I’ve been using blender for months now, but im still not familiar with adding python to increase its productivity. And i would really appreaciate
any feedback. Thanks in advance…

  1. What is the version of python are you guys using? I mean, what is the
    most compatible version to Blender 2.23? I heard that you need a certain
    version of python to run the scripts (exporters, etc…)

  2. How do i set-up the pythonpath in Win XP?

Thanks again! :smiley:

(theeth) #2

The 2.01 Python distro is the most compatible with the Blender api, but later version could work too.


(S68) #3

If Win XP resembles latest Micro$oft OSs In the Control panel, System applet there is an “Advanced” tag with an Environment variables button.