A couple of questions on yet another car model.

I got blender roughly a week ago, and this is my fourth day using it. I wanted to learn how to use it by creating a car, as such would seem a good choice (though apparently very common), so I modelled one, didn’t like it, and this morning I started a new one. I’m making it up as I go along as opposed to making an existing car with blueprints. I have two questions:

  1. How would I go about making the hood and doors stand out?

  2. What should I do to best model the… top area of the car (where the windows and such would be, since I can’t think of the word)? I can pull something off, but the poly’s are sloppy.

Once I get farther along with it, I will likely have more questions.


  1. You can make the doors another mesh and extrude it out a little bit. 2. You can just extrude up the vertices you have in the loop cut around the hole. Then reshape it so it get the shape you want. After that you can make some loop cuts between the places where there should should be space between the windows. Then just extrude the windows faces inwards a tiny bit and change the materials to a glass material.

Alright, here’s an update. I have most of the exterior done. Anyone have advice on the interior, the mirrors, or the door handles?