a couple of questions


i was wondering if any one could answer a couple of questions i have.
first, i would like to know if blender can create toon shading like in the movie Rocky and Bullwinkle.
second, i would like to know how, if possible, to create realistic movement in clothing, something like princess Fiona’s dress in the movie Shrek.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Han’t seen the movies but Blender can do toon and if you put your mind to it, it will probably be able to do what you want.

There’s no cloth simulation capability but there are ways to simulate simulation. Mesh geometry can be animated via armatures or lattices and given a target (an empty) for wind or gravity. Relative vertex keys, wave animation, proportional editing and mesh editing can be overlayed onto that too. Don’t know if Fiona will still be a princess when your’e done, but hey, the only title we respect here is ‘Founding Member’ so it won’t matter much.