A couple Star Wars questions

I was playing Republic Commando recently and something struck me. In the game when you are wounded, you use these wall mounted bacta dispensers to heal yourself. After your partners heal themselves they sound like they are getting high or something. Which got me to thinking if bacta is addictive in Star Wars.
Also something that’s always bugged me is the sound the lightsaber makes between a Sith and Jedi. The sound is more raspy with a Sith and seems to be completely dependent on whether they are Sith or Jedi. Look in Episode 3. In one scene Anakin’s lightsaber makes the Jedi sound, but when he switches sides it has the Sith sound.
For those more versed in Star Wars than I am, could you please answer these questions, if in fact there are answers.

  1. As far as i know Bacta isnt addictive. Ive played Republic Commando (a good game) and im pretty sure your team mates aren’t getting high, but are just feeling relieved that their wounds and pain have been relinquished.

  2. I read somewhere that lighsabers are effected by the force of their user. So if a Jedi was using a certain lightsaber the force crystal (a key component in a lightsaber) would take on power from the ‘light side’ of the force. Whereas a Sith would use the lightsaber and channel the ‘dark side’ of the force into the crystal.

You can take that explanation, or just take the fact that the movie makers would want to make the Siths lightsaber as menacing as possible (hence the darker sound, and red blade for pure sith lightsabers) :smiley:

Hope that helped?

Thanks. I figured as much about the sound being a poetic license thing. And I looked everywhere about bacta addiction and there weren’t any references so I guess I’ll take your explanation too. Thanks

I’m pretty sure that other than just making different-colored blades, the sith use the red crystals because they’re more powerful…? I seem to remember reading that the color isn’t the only difference - red crystals have some different properties from the others. So there could be another logical explanation for the differences.