A Crack in the Fort Wall

Made with custom photoscanned dirt embankments that I captured myself. The foliage is all polygon Iqs Botaniq add on. (Which is wonderful btw) The idea was to make a small scene involving my scans, and then connect the scene to my worldbuilding project through a short narrative. The rest of this post is going to be said short story, and as always, any critiques or constructive feedback is very welcome!


“Marros!! Marros hurry!” Mile, screamed. The 14 year old boy, his adrenaline starting to surge, his feet and hands starting to feel airy and shaky, as he hears guards shouting, and patrol dogs snarling, throws his whole body weight against the wood board. Nothing. He throws himself against the stoic board once again. Thud. Nothing. The guards and dogs are getting closer. Marros and Mile can hear their footsteps now. With one last desperate lunge, Marros disregards the thoughts of possible broken bones, and pierces throught the old wooden board that kept the two prisoner. The sound of wood tearing against the grain and giving way to Marros shoulderrang out through the crisp night air, signifying there was no more going back. Turning to Mile, Marros brings his eyes up to meet hers, “This is our one chance, once we start running, we don’t stop until we reach the river.” She nods in solidarity. Marros nods back, and whispers, “3…2…1…”. Mile starts to jump through the newly created crack in the forts wall! Her dress catches on one of the splintered pieces of wood however. Separating the piece of cloth that was caught, from the rest of her long flowing white dress. She begins to run down the muddy slope, towards the woods that are home to the river. Marros, his adrenaline now at its peak, jumps through the opening. His feet hit the ground, but he can hardly feel them, hes shaking so bad. Devoid of the gracefulness of Mile, he tumbles head first down the muddy slope. Mile picks him up by the arm, gives him a quick sly smile, and with the support of Mile, the pair stumbles through the treeline.*