A cry for help!


I have absolutely no idea how to use Blender but I have got a Blender file that I would like modifying (just text) as I would like to use it as an intro for a video I’m doing for my daughter’s 16th birthday. I would be quite willing to pay if the price was right.

Attached is the Blender file.

Please let me know if anyone is willing to help me with this matter…or if anyone would like to give me a brief instruction on how to change the text…and then render the file.

Thanks in advance,



1Blou_2012_5_new-curv_new-Camera_5.blend (1.09 MB)

I think I can do it. I just need to write the the phrase you want, turn it into a 3D model, and replace the original text.
So, what do you want it to say?

WOW! That would be very cool if you could do that. For the main text I would like it to say:


and for the smaller text underneath I would like it to say:


What is the going rate for modifications such as this one?

WOW! That would be so cool if you could do that for me! The text I would like for the main bit is:


And the text I would like for the bit underneath is:


What is the going rate for modifications such as these?

Oh, and another thing - the Blender file you sent in seems to have some objects that use images on your computer as textures, such as the earth that the words are going around. You’re going to need to send in a link to the texture images as well, otherwise any object that used a specific image for a texture will be blank.

Okay, here’s a frame of what the final project should look like. If this looks right, I can either send you the video file, or the blender file and you can render it on your own (The video file is taking forever to upload).

Also, I should inform you that you didn’t upload any sound files either, so the video I’m trying to upload contains no sound.

I’m trying to upload the video (it’s taking forever)
In any case, here’s the completed file. If you just open it and press “Render”, it will start loading the video. It’ll take quite a while to complete, but it’s taking me a while to upload the completed video as well.

1Blou_2012_5_new-curv_new-Camera_5.blend (1.56 MB)

Okay, I uploaded the video file onto google. It’s a fairly big file, but you should be able to download it. Feel free to tell me if there are any problems.

Hi ForWhatItsWorth,

That’s excellent…however I think it would look better without the ‘LUCY JAYNE SIMPSON’ bit at the bottom. Is it easy to remove?

As for the objects on my computer that use images for textures, I’m afraid the only thing I have is the Blender file that I’ve attached.

Okay, here’s the updated video. I suppose those other files don’t matter.

Thank you so much! You are one in a trillion!