A Cube with one edge only rounded

How do I round only one edge of a cube and retain all other edges at 90 degrees?

Thanks Tarak


In edit mode, select only the edge you want smoothed.
In the menu bar attached to the 3D window, select Mesh: Scripts: Bevel-Center.
The bevel-center control panel will appear. Set the thickness to something or other then click the Bevel button. A crude bevel will appear. If it is the wrong size, use UKey to remove it, change the thickness setting, and try again.

When it is the right size, smooth it by using the controls on the bottom of the panel. Set the number to how many intermediate points you want and click the Recursive button.

When it looks like how you want, click the Exit button.

Another, more tedious, technique you could use would be this:

  • Put the cursor at the origin (0,0,0).
  • Add a new mesh, circle, 32 vertices.
  • Select the upper left vertex only.
  • Press NKEY to bring up the transform properties.
  • Set X to -1, and Y to 1.
  • In turn, change the X and/or Y values of each vertex to move them to the grid edges, except for the four vertices that are already on the grid edges, and the seven vertices that make up the curve in the lower right hand corner. You’ll be left with a sqare with the lower right corner rounded off.
  • Select the vertex at the bottom of the shape that joins the straight edge with the curved edge.
  • Shift and select the vertex in the middle of the top edge, directly opposite the vertex selected in step 7.
  • With both vertices selected, press FKEY to make a new edge between them.
  • Press WKEY and select sub-divide, to make a new vertex in the center.
  • Select just the vertex from step 7, then shift-select the vertex next to it to the right, on the curve, and finally shift-select the vertex in the middle of the shape (the one created in step 10).
  • Press FKEY to make a triangle face.
  • Repeat 11 and 12 around the curve, until you have eight triangle faces making up the curve.
  • Select the vertex in the middle of the shape, then shift select the vertex at the top-right of the curve, then the vertex in the upper left hand corner of the shape, and finally the vertex in the top middle of the shape, and press FKEY to make a square face.
  • Repeat 14 for the other two large square areas of the shape. You’ll have 11 faces total.
  • There are 18 vertices that are “orphaned” around the edges of the square faces, since they don’t have any other edges they’re part of. Select those, press XKEY and select “Vertices” to erase them.
  • Type CTRL-TAB and switch to face mode. Press AKEY until all faces are selected.
  • Press EKEY and select Region to extrude the shape into a cube with the corner rounded off. Hold the CTRL key down and limit the movement to exactly two units, and the dimensions will be correct.That’s a lot of steps, but it’ll give you a bare minimum of faces when you’re done.

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

One way would be to use subsurfs and crease. Just make a cube, add subsurf modifier (about level 2-3) to it. After that select all verts (akey) and use shift-e, 1. Select the edge to be rounded, shift-e, -1. Apply modifier.