A cube

the cube in the air…

andi made this two because the cube don floate in the air:P


i made this for tweaking with the blender engine and model something simple
i kinda restart it on this world

Would be cool if you make an animation of this where the balls are physics and move around the cube when the cube is being rotated.

i thinked of that or maybe a game …
but i dont know how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:
if some one want to do it i will leave the blender later

sounds like a fun idea vliegtuig. I might fiddle around and see what I can cook up.

The idea and models are alright but the scene is disapointing as are the materials.

the point of doing this was the cube…not the plane below him or the backgroung…
i know i should put a wood texture and give something to that support…

but the cube, balls, and the triangel i think that they are fine…
i think…

but the real goal is to achieve a control of transparency and mirro to get a kind of reality with blender engine

the real goal is to achieve a control of transparency and mirro to get a kind of reality with blender engine

What is your index of refraction here? It seems really severe, judging from the way the insides of the cube are expanded. Air/vacuum is 1.0; water is 1.33; common glass varies but some types are 1.5; flawless diamond is one of the more dense transparent materials, at an IOR=2.417. Blender lets you go up to 3.0 but if you’re far above diamond, you’re venturing into fantasy land (which isn’t bad), but it’s worth asking.

Also, I’ve submitted a patch to Blender which improves its internal renderer with regards to transmissivity and total internal reflection. This is exactly the sort of scene which would benefit from those improvements.



If you’re the venturous type who builds their own Blender, give this patch a try.

(1) The image as posted has far more resolution than is needed for fast downloading and good viewing on a screen.

(2) The surface of the cube, especially the face that is toward the camera, lacks specularity. It literally disappears.

(3) Perhaps in part because of the camera-angle, the 3D illusion is difficult to maintain with this image. It starts to look flat, and when that happens, it starts to look wierd.