A cubeish character

Ive been working on a “cubeish” character since the weekend

But I really stink at rigging and skinning,:o and need help to progress.

Link to .Blend
Link to sketch

C&C is as always very appreciated

– Emil

PS: I don’t have a name for this creature yet, do you have some suggestions?


I don’t have a suggestion for a name, but I do have some other suggestions.

First, I think his arms are way too thin. They are proportioned like a more realistic human-ish character and they don’t really match the rest of him. Look at Gumby’s arms for inspiration.

Secondly, as short and stumpy as his legs are he might not even need knees, but I haven’t seen him posed so he may need them.

I like the character’s face. Make a scene with it.

thanks for the comment J0llyr0ger,

since last I’ve done the arms a little thicker, begun doing a little scene see pic, and skinned the other half of him.