A Dance Amongst The Smoke And Flames


Probably my new favorite personal render thus far! After seeing Blender Guru’s course on lighting (Here), I was excited to give it a shot and use some of the skills taught, such as using contrasting colors to make the image feel more welcoming as well as rim lighting and silhouetting to give the subject more definition. As for the model, it was created using a human character generator outside of Blender and the background is a simple smoke sim (I wanted to make it higher resolution however for some reason the compression used when I was doing the final touches in google photos lost a bit of the quality there).

Hope you all enjoy!

(Edit: My new render has been added [5/7])


It’s a great idea, but the smoke is distinctly lower resolution than the rest of your assets.

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Yeah, I’m gonna re-render that part of the scene out tonight, I’ll update this post with the new render later.

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add real realistic smoke and the transparent shader need to be better, try different textile texture set up, no wrinkles? you could use a heaight map for that .
the art,colour, composition, pose, lighting is really great i really like it ! :slight_smile: but the quality need major work

if you don’t know how to do this i can show you if you want :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s awesome! Thanks a ton!

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