A Danish Castle, 16th century

These are the renders so far that I made of my model of how researchers and archeologists believe the Spottrup Castle
(Spøttrup Borg) looked like in the 16th century (more specifically year 1525).

I originally intented to do an animation of it, but I had to give up on it, because the renders are too slow.

I’m using a Titan graphics card, and it took me several minutes rendering one frame at 200 samples.
Rendering an entire animation is not going to happen, at least not when I don’t have access to a render farm.

If, however, someone wants an animation of it, showing the development stages, I can provide the model and surroundings for rendering. But I currently don’t know of anyone interested in an animation.

Today, the courtyard has two towers, it didn’t get them before 1590.

amazing project! such an enormous amount of work they had to do to protect themselves back then - what an interesting insight into their lives. as for the Blender aspect of it, the textures look really good. and the model is amazing. did you do an interior?

Thanks. No, I did not do the interior.

This is my work so far:

Nice job! Is that really how the castle was laid out though? If an attacking force took the front wall, the other 3 walls would have to surrender. Makes me wonder how effective these were back in the day. Modeling is great, especially your use of bump mapping. The chains do look a little bit too thin.

The castle was mainly, or rather ONLY build against peasant rebels, which burned down monasteries and churches in 1534 in Central Jutland (where the castle is). The front wall is facing the lake and sea, and the peasant would have to make an advanced amphibious attack then. They were not capable of that, and the owner of the castle back then, Jorgen Friis, knew this.

Also, Danish medieval or renaissance castles were not that advanced back then. They were quite simple.

The images in your first post look great already. The waves in post #4 are too big, I think. What is it, that produces this long render times? Do you use particle systems for the vegetation? It would be nice to see this in an animation.