A day at the beach

** Edit: My character is on the 3Dtotal front page now, I’m so chuffed! **

In this dark and gloomy winter of the northern hemisphere, I decided to create something sunny to cheer myself up.

water uses the ocean modifier, rendered in cycles, about 4 hours

well having here the bad mood weather too, i have to say i enjoy this cheering up. well done!

Great work !!!

Thanks Doris, Your sculpts are inspiring.

Thanks RideTheFlow :slight_smile:

Beautiful model. Congratulations.
Send her to Cabo Frio, Brazil. Here is always sunny. :cool:

I like those kind of style. I know how hard is to get the perfect proportion.

ABout your page you should change the mov quicktime showreel to a vimeo link or maybe an mp4 inside.

@cctrevis Oh I would love to visit!

Thanks for the advice Andre, I will do that.

very nice work!
can uou show us a wireframe?

Sure, here ya go :slight_smile:

really clean and nice! i’m not sure i understand: 4 hours, it’s for the turntable?

Thanks XAD
Well, no just for the one frame, I rendered it at 9000 samples. I have multi-resolution on the mesh for the minor tweaks and smoothings. The wireframe in the picture above is of the lowest level, that combined with sss slowed things down. And I cant help myself adding Depth of field etc. Also I am rendering on an Imac, so It was all cpu rendering. If I had a gpu-render compatible machine I’m sure it would be faster.
The animation I rendered at a much lower samples around 700. so it was only a few minutes per frame.

9000 samples? i’ve never been higher than 1000. you had a lot of noise? what is your lighting system?
edit: please don’tmisunderstand…i only want to help! i’ve spent sooomuch lost time on renders, that i think Cycles i the happyness!

At 1000 samples there was still noise. So I decided to leave the machine rendering overnight. There was probably no need to set it so high. I just did it to be sure. A little Overkill.

Ok. i do the same thing some times!
well the rule i’ve understood, is that the less you use bounces to light, the less you have noise. same thing for the blur.
hope you’ll find easier ways to render…we need renders of your girl!!! :wink:

Thanks Xad, useful tip. Here is another render.

if your willing to share your model, i’d like to see if i could improve render setting so it can be done with much less cycles like you i am also a CPU render; recently i found myself doing a lot of tweaking on those settings; which sometimes include improving materials, lights, camera and after processing (whitin blender).

Well if i can find something optimal, you could do futher render settings perhaps also with that.

@razorblade thanks thats very kind of you, but I don’t plan to do any more renders of the scene. I may give you a shout if my next project gets very heavy.

Just to finish this off, here is the last pose

Also I took Andre’s advice and made a vimeo version of my showreel. All the work in the first modeling section was done in Blender, trex cottage etc…(except for the guy on the computer that was maya) :slight_smile: A really big thanks to everyone for the input and feedback. Much appreciated.

absolutely stunning!! i can’t believe it! wonderfull!