A different game

(Sinistar) #1

Few months ago, I finished a small game in Blender. Few days ago, I opened it to play and I saw that it was a little different.
For example:
-the main characther, now, jumps higher than before
-the color of the sky is changed (I noticed that because in the game there was an image of the color of the sky (and so this image was “invisible”), but now the image is a little lighter than the sky)
What can I do?

(IanC) #2

If you made it in 2.23 then opened it in publisher, that may explain it.

I suggest you edit the ipo or force to make your character jump the right height, and make the ‘image’ actually invisible, or just change the colour of the sky slightly.


(Sinistar) #3

I can do that, but then can happen that I start the game the next month and, for example, the character jump too low or the image is too darker… that’s not a solution…
thanks anyway