A drink after scuba diving

this is an animation project built around a zoom out.
It start with a close up on one of the photo above the table and end with a high angle shot.
Here’s a shot of the global scene.
What do you think about it ?


The bottle valves :

The glass and the inside bubbles, based on a Blender Guru’s tuto.


I think I will add a GoPro camera on the table, at the left of the photos because this is one of the smallest 60 meters water resist. Perfect for a closeup shooting and relatively simple to modelize.

And the bottle model…

Here’s the rubber.
I have some trouble with the chromed central part rendering. There’s a kind of wavy effect. It’s not really important but I’d like to understand the reason why…

This has got to be top row bound. Beautiful work so far.

The camera carter

The carter texture

post #5, thats in image yes? Looking good so far though :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer and your encouragement guys :slight_smile:

The complete gopro camera.
Now, I’ll work on the water tight case…

The GoPro cam with his water tight case :

Here’s a render of the whole final scene. I need to finish the foot Cam, some bottle details and may be a diving mask.

I would definitely add a diving mask… that I think will continue to help pull it all together… good to see you back at it.

What do you think about this version ?

Looks nice… but I wonder if it would be better to maybe set the camera on the photos and the mask kind of where the camera is now… I say this for 2 reasons… the compostion does look a little tight ( lot of stuff in a small area) , but also, most likely, that mask could be wet and get the photos wet :slight_smile:

I would experiment with a few different angles, and see what appeals to you the most, but you have done a nice job on the modeling /texturing, and now it instantly says scuba diving to me with the mask in the scene.

Why not. I’ll make some composition tests.
Waiting for it, here’s a little animation. The music is a part of a song called"In your eyes" by Bebel Gilberto :

I like how the ice cubs float in the drink! nice moddeling! I personally think you could make it a little bit less out of focus by the airtank. but that is my opinion.
keep up the good work!

I like how the ice cubs float in the drink!

Me too! I’d be curious to find out what technique you used for this. Is the liquid a mesh inside the glass?

The animation came out nice and works well with how you laid out the scene.