A Female Andalite

so far i just have the head modeled


i know its not perfect but its a start

Nice so far. I think you may need to recalculate your normals, the side view shows a strange area below the chin area. Also using sub surfacing or turining it up if it is already on would help. But nice start! :smiley:

fixed the stuff under the chin.

for those who wish to know what an andalite is…

ok i’ve made the stock eyes, and tryed the ears, but they suck

It looks pretty good, but the face seems to narrow. Just to let you know, i have read all of the books, so ill be watching this closely.

started on basic torso shape.

If you look close at an andalite, you notice they actually have four nostrils. It looks ok but there is a strange seam running down the side of the model. Keep it up.

i’ve got several of the books right in front of me, it only has 3 nostrils. as i said before i’m just working on shape at the moment


you seem to have an extremely unclean mesh
please show us a wire

Good luck. Although it looks like you have a messy start…

I tried something very similar once…
Alloran WIP

book 1, page 13 “For a start it had no mouth, just three vertical slits.”

you got me. :expressionless:

ya well at least you admit when your wrong. most others dont

In the Bjork Chronicles, it says the baisic female andalite anatomy or at least how it differs from a male. Like the tail is not as strong and the blade is much smaller. Clean up the mesh a little and maybe make the cheek a little fuller.

Correction: not Bjork. Hork Bajir. there. and the chin area is too narrow, dipp. try widening that. and remember that the Andalites are fairly cut, so you need some muscle definition when you get to that point.

It’s good to see fellow Animorphs fans here. I grew up on that stuff. I bought a book every month from third to eigth grade. even the special editions. i still own them too.

Keep it up.

progress may be slow because i’m now working on 2 WIPS at once, so i spend one day on this and one day on my dragon and so on…

ya i know the mesh needs to be cleaned up, but it seems that every mesh i make starts off ugly and later gets cleaner.

i still read the books all the way through at least once a year.

i am continuing to work on this. however the legs are turning out to be way to sucky to even post a pic. does anyone have a model of a horse that they would let me look at to see how and were you placed the verts?

ok i’m scrapping this project. if anyone wants the .blend file to contiue work then shot me a PM.

Strongbad, check your PMs!!