A Festive Snowball

I decided i wanted to be in a festive mood… and thus ctreated a nice little image for the quickly arriving chistmas.

Rendered in Internal
Render time 38 mins
Border and some colour colour correction etc. in the GIMP

The snow texture is not mine it belongs to hafunui, so all credit for the fantastic texture goes to him (Link to thread of snow texture)

C&C appreciated :ba:


I like it… very festive.

I like it!! How did you make the white trim and ball of Santa’s hat? Particles? Can you give a hint? :rolleyes:

Yeah the edges of the hat are particles… they arent anything special just some white particles, thats it. nothing special done to them…

give the snow ball a face :slight_smile:

lol made out of raisens!!! lol idk I like it the way it is :smiley: