A few Alien Pics

I�ve created a Alienmodel in Sculptris. Shaded and rendered in Cycles.
The Material contains 3 Textures, blended over with Vertex Colors.
The Model is more influenced from the earlier Alien Comics than from the Movies.

I plan to show a few alien Scenes, wich i plan to realize, here in this Thread.

Feel free to Comment, i�m glad to hear your thoughts

Edit: attached my first scene

Edit: attached the second scene


This is very well made, love the materials. I’m no expert on the Alien franchise and don’t know the comics, but I do think I notice it looks quite different than I remember from the movies, especially in the legs. That is probably because human legs would not fit into a costume of this design (obviously). Either way, great job, would love to see it animated!

Einfach eine tolle Arbeit! :slight_smile:

Thank you Unluccy! Yes, could be a problem to put your legs inside! :slight_smile:

Danke dir!

And here is another Scene. Aliens caring about their eggs. Some different point of view on them :wink:

And here is another one…

the corridor and the alien were rendered seperately. Corridor and Spotlight with volumetics in the world settings

Last one of my Alien pics… (so far :wink: )

Would be very interesting to hear your thoughts…
Is it way to bad to getting noticed?