A few menacing questions...

First of all, and probably most importantly… what is the best export type that will include meshes, armatures, and materials? None of them that I’ve tried so far has included anything but the raw mesh…

Secondly, and most menacingly… I have this blend file that I have attached. I want the character to be dynamic (affected by gravity and cannot walk through walls, but not rigid). Every time I try this the body just goes flying into one direction. I think it’s because of the armature. What can I do to prevent this from happening?

Third, is there any way to automatically save on exit, or prompt to save on exit? I cannot say how many times I have lost my data due to this and not even realize it. And some people say ‘well just go to the temp folder and grab the backup’ but I usually dont realize this until I open up the file and thus the backup will be overwritten!

forgot to attach the blend file as mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:


human.blend (325 KB)

Please… even if you only know an answer to one just post it… I need all the help I can get :wink:

Blender should save on exit to c:/tmp/quit.blend

Hey myxibrium!

About the export question first!..It all depends what you want to do with the exported contents…do you want to use in another engine?..etc…Formats like the direct x(.x) and collada(.dae) includes armatures and animation to a cetrain extent…it works with some programs and not with others…the best is to see what the program you want to take it to can except…I havn’t had much success with any of these to be honest…but it all depends on the program…what version…etc.good luck.:slight_smile:

Had a look at your blend…One way to get it to work is to set both the armature and character mesh to no collision…then create a simple mesh that will act as your dynamic object…this could be a basic cube or a copy of your current mesh!..Then parent the armature to this new mesh…and apply your normal logic bricks like movement etc… to this mesh…remember to make it invisible with a visibility actuator.
Hopes this helps!

Yeah, I know about that but as I said sometimes I’ve already overwritten the temporary quit file before I know I need it! And I dont have vista or OSX so once it’s overwritten it’s gone.

Well I wanted to export for blender… there is probably something that I don’t know about that would make this completely useless… but I sort of wanted to just make models for my game and import them whenever I needed them… it didn’t make any sense to just make them in game.

And I tried that little trick like right before you posted this… I’m getting the same exact problem! Here’s my revised blend file… any ideas?


human.blend (339 KB)

Firstly export Issues…LOL…OK…You doing exactly what I wanted to do in the beginning…Blender has a great way to do just what you want…All you need to do is use the Append or Link function. You can find it in your file menu! You can use this to bring content in from any other blend file you might have…no need to export ect. You can append (default) or Link(have to choose this option). So far I have only used the default append…which means the mesh…armature…light…whatever you choose, will be imported into your current file! If this is new to you…you will be very impressed with this feature!! :)…So in practice…you can set up a character…properties…walkcycle…light…camera…etc. in one file…make them into a group…and when you have set up your “world”…another file…just append the character group to your current file!..:slight_smile: As easy as that!

Then I looked at your file…All you need to do is set your Armature and Figure mesh to No collision! At the moment interaction with the Armature is your problem. And remember to apply a vissibillity (invissible) actuator to make the rectangle you are using as your dynamic object, invisible at runtime! If you do this it seems to work perfectly my side!..:slight_smile:
Hope you get it working!

Arg! It’s still not working for me!!!

revised blend:


human.blend (340 KB)

Well, this is of no fault to you since it wasn’t explained how to do this, but you need to set the FACES of your main character’s mesh (the one that’s animated) to have no collision. To do this, you have to:

Add a UV layer to the object (editmode, select all, hit U and then “unwrap”)
Go into facemode (click on the little “triangle” looking icon in the bottom of the 3d view)
Select a face (right click on a face) and then select all faces (hit A)

Then you can do 1 of 2 things to uncheck collision:

  1. Hit Ctrl-F, click “Face Mode Clear”, and then select “collision” and hit OK.
  2. Go to the editbuttons, find the texface tab, uncheck “collision”, and then hit ctrl-C and then select “Active Mode.”

You have to do this NOT on the dynamic mesh but the CHARACTER mesh. Currently your dynamic mesh is colliding with the faces on your character (which are inside the dynamic mesh) which is why it’s going crazy.

you need to make your body mesh and your armature actors and then select the ghost button for both of them. should be it, aside from making the box invisible. another idea instead of using the box would be an empty. fixed .blend attached, not sure if making the individual faces set to no collision is better, but making them ghost actors is def. easier.


human1.blend (339 KB)

Heh, I’m evil.


That crackes me up. Sorry. no offense, but that made me laugh on the inside.

Ah! Thank you… that’s a weird fix… I wonder how I got myself into that situation to begin with? Man I thought I knew how blender works… looks like I dont lol. Thanks!

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Ah! Why didn’t I think of that? Another good fix that will definitely come in handy later. Thank you!

None taken! That well-illustrates my reaction of “WTF” when I added collision to my character. lol, when I read your description I thought that you were linking to a picture of the model’s face haha… it still makes me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi myxibrium!

Glad you got it to work with with TheSambassador’s method!..Looked at your new file…still all I needed to do is set the Mesh and Armature to no collistion in stead of Static!..Works my side…I am running the newest 2.48 RC. Two buttons to press to make it work!
Thnx TheSambassador…I learned something new to…:slight_smile: