A few noob questions

Hi everyone!

I’m new here, I’ve been using Blender for a few months now, and I think it’s great! :smiley:

Today I’ve just got into using the game engine and I’m trying to create a ‘monkey ball’ type game. I have a few questions however that I was wondering about:

  1. I have rigid body enabled, but the ball still doesn’t roll, what’s wrong?

//Edit: I’ve sorted the rolling, I had material friction for the track set to 0 %|

  1. Now and again, the ball randomly falls through the track (mostly happens when you are going at a fast speed or hit it hard), is there any way of preventing this? I heard there is a cushoning tequnique you can use to assist the collision detection…

  2. How would you get the camera to rotate vertically accordingly? Say for example if you are going up a hill, I would want the camera to rotate downwards slightly so that you can see where you are going uphill. At the moment the camera remains fixed and all you can see is the ground when going uphill and it gets pretty confusing…

  3. How would I get the ball to move/rotate via another objects axis? For example, at the moment I have the movement force pushing in the direction of the Y axis and because the ball rolls, its axis rolls with it which totally destroys the control, and its the same for the rotation too…

Thank you so much for any help! I hope I have explained it ok, and if it helps, I can attach the .blend as well?

Thanks again,
From Daniel