A few photos from the Blender Conference

All photos from the 3 day event are up.

some more fotos…

mpan3! you’re here? dude poke me!

and all the others blenderheads too! =)

no no no try to find him simply using the perspective of his photo graphs. Memorize the seating placment of the people around you, and then compare them to the photos as they are released.

it can be like detective !

We need videos!

I am smart enough to switch seats every few shots :smiley:
I am carrying biggest lens, so find the camera, find me.

BConf 2008 already wrapped up yesterday. I’ll have the rest of the pictures up shortly. Please share your links here too.

mike you have great photo skills!

awesome ones, thanks!

jazzroy (riccardo covino)

Thanks Riccardo, I am still in the learning stage at doing event-photography, especially in low light. But it was definitely a fun 3 days.