A few problems

Hello i am having quite a few problems with GE. For one, i am making a 3d adventure game and its in 3rd person, and the physics feel too Car like, or my player is on ice. My character needs to go at fast speeds, but needs to stop ALOT faster than what he is currently stopping at. I cranked the friction up to the max but it still takes a bit to long to come to a stop. How do i fix?

Another thing is, i got text working in game (using plane and what not) and the only problem is i am having a hud that will display “Lives:” then the number of lives.
I do this by making two planes, Setting one plane to “Lives” and the other to an integer. the only problem is they are both named Text, will they conflict? I attemped to make a collision code where it will add one life but it doesn’t to work, either that, the text is not updating within the game. How do i fix this?

i think your character might have rigid body turned on, im not sure if its supposed to be on

post a .blend, maybe?!


you may be able to slow down the objects by turning up the Damp and Mass settings, but Bullet loves to skid.your car may end up going EXTREMELY fast if it leaves the ground with high friction. Hopefully this will help you.

i would rather not post the blend due to my project being ‘secret’. And my character isnt a car, its a person, who runs fast, kinda like Sonic i guess you would say. And i need him to stop alot faster, and grip the ground when running. Also when i am running and turn a little, the object turns, but he kinda slides in the original direction until it catches grip :smiley: its like running on ice. I dont think rigid body is on, if that is the rotating physics, no it is not. (i cant chck because i am on a wii right now). So your telling me to turn friction down?? i am kinda confused. And what about the text issue? I might PM somebody the blend file as long as they are trustworthy. its almost like the physics are too realistic when i am not aiming for too much realism

Raise “friction” for the character AND the floor, maybe?!

Just use python, like this:

import GameLogic as G
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()


brake = 0
speed = 0


forward = cont.getSensor("Up")
notmoving = cont.getSensor("Brake")


motion = cont.getActuator("Movement")

if forward.isPositive():
speed = brake

motion.setLinearVelocity(0, speed, 0, 1)
G.addActiveActuator(motion, 1)

If you need more help, or a .blend just lemme know.

Actually you’ll wanna have all your movements done in python to use my method (to simplify things) if you want a script just say so and I’ll post you my full 100 line script =]

i dont understand that script, i have never used python, only ASM, C++, and some others. I will send you my blend later is that ok?

here’s the blend (it’s messy I know) this is the blend where I run all my python tests for item wielding and movements (I broke off the logic and the script that controls wielding so you can’t steal my code)


Forgot to post it…

here it is =]