A Few Questions About Attaching Legs to a Sphere

I am making a monster for a still image but I want to be able to pose the legs. I made 1 leg but I would really appreciate
some advice.

I want the monster to have 6 legs. I could use an array but then I couldn’t pose each leg separately.

Question 1

  • How would you duplicate the leg when it consists of a mesh, and bones. Should I “Join” it first but then will I be able to Pose it still?

Question 2

  • What’s the best method to attach the legs to the monster body?
    Can I parent the top bone of each leg to a single vertex on a mesh or is there a better method?

Anyone. Please!

Usually, I guess it would me most natural to model the monster with the legs as a part of the body geometry in the first place and then rig the whole thing… Otherwise, you should be able to just select the leg and rig, and then just shift-d to copy both at the same time. I do believe it should be a separate poseable leg… then you can just position them slightly inside the body, so you don’t have any gaps. The transition from the body to the leg, though, would be hard, and not smooth. I guess it’s up to preference or what you want, though.